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How CCCIP Started

"Children of incarcerated parents are an often forgotten, invisible or ignored victim of the criminal justice system."

Breaking the Silence: Dialogue on Children of Incarcerated Parents Report 

Community Resources & Service Providers

We Got Us Now - A National Advocacy Organization Built by, Led by and About Children of Incarcerated Parents (USA)

Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver

Child Welfare Information Gateway

Training for Child Welfare  

These videos and handouts were created with and for the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Society (OACAS), to educate child protection workers about the issues, rights and needs of children and youth who have a parent in prison

Raising a Relative's Child 

A free guide for caregivers of children with incarcerated parents (E Fry Vancouver)

Legislation & Child Rights

Submission to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child: A Response to Canada’s Fifth and Sixth Reports on the Convention on the Rights of the Child: Regarding Children of Incarcerated Parents in Canada - Canadian Friends Service Committee

Beyond Neglected Event Report - Child Welfare League of Canada

It s Time to Act: Council of Europe Recommendation CM/Rec(2018)5 on children with imprisoned 

parents - Children of Prisoners Europe (COPE) 

Resources for Children/Youth

Children’s Books on Parental Incarceration: Book Reviews by Aislinn Gallivan

Resources for children by the Canadian Families and Corrections Network

Are you looking for more resources for children and/or youth? Go to our 'For Children & Youth' page for information about resources for children/youth, services available, and more.


Everyone in San Francisco Has Something to Say About Chesa Boudin A wave of discontent crashes on a progressive prosecutor. - New York Magazine

From the Mother of an Incarcerated Son
- The New Yorker


Every  Second                                    The Impact of the Incarceration Crisis on America’s Families

Research & Academic Resources

Estimating the Number of Children with a Biological Parent in Canadian Custody, 2019/20 - Linda Mussell, PhD


The Impact of COVID-19 worldwide on Children with Incarcerated Parents - INCCIP


The Impact of COVID-19 Prison Lockdowns on Children with Incarcerated Parents - Dr Shona Minson,  Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford

Mother–Child Programs for Incarcerated Mothers and Children and Associated Health Outcomes: A Scoping Review - Nursing Leadership

The Curious Invisibility of Children of Prisoners in Canadian Criminal Justice Policy - Else Marie Knudsen

Intergenerational Imprisonment: Resistance and Resilience in Indigenous Communities - Linda Mussell

Children of Incarcerated Parents, A Shared Sentence: The Devastating Toll of Parental Incarceration Kids, Families, and Communities -  Annie E. Casey Foundation

A Holistic Approach to Prisoners’ Families - From Arrest to Release -  Rachel Condry and Peter Scharff Smith

Counting The Cost Of Maternal ImprisonmentRussell Webster

Seven Out of Ten? Not Even Close - James M. Conway, and Edward T. Jones, Central Connecticut State University

Maternal Incarceration in a Provincial Prison in Canada: A Qualitative Study - Martha Paynter, Dalhousie University School of Nursing

Covid-19 and the Rights of Children of Parents who are Incarcerated: Impacts and Recommendations - Child Rights Connect

Responding to Parental Incarceration As a Priority Pediatric Health Issue - American Academy of Pediatrics - Commentary

Standards and Norms

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